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The Light Meets the Dark - Part Eight

Pastor Wes Emerson | March 12th, 2017
​The Light Meets the Dark - Part Eight - Pastor Wes Emerson

Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees revealed two stark contrasts regarding Him.

Sermon Notes 


John 8:57-59

I.  THE DEFAMATIONS OF THE DARK - v13, 19, 25, 41, 48, 53, 57

II.  THE DECLARATIONS OF THE LIGHT--Jesus made exclusive, enlightening declarations about Himself in John 8...

  1.  I Judge No One--v15
  2.  I Am Going Away--v21-24
  3.  I Speak God's Word--v26
      Jesus declared Himself as God's ultimate messenger, sharing God's truth to the world!

      A.  His Truth Came From The Father--v28

           1.  The Father gave His Son the message--v38, John 12:49, John 18:37
           2.  His Truth is Eternal--John 17:8, John 17:5, Mark 13:31. Revelation 19:13

     B.  His Truth Has Liberating Power--v32, note v31

          1.  People are in bondage to sin--v34, Romans 3:23, II Timothy 2:26, Proverbs 5:22, Romans 7:14, 24-25
          2.  Only the Son can set you free-v36, John 14:6, Luke 3:18, John 6:63, 68, Ephesians 1:13

     C.  His Truth Brought About His Death--v40, note Galatians 4:16

          1.  Jesus Faced the children of the Devil--v44, John 17:14
          2.  The world today hates the Truth--II Timothy 3:7-9, II Timothy 4:2-4, John 12:48

       Jesus came as the very mouth-piece of God, declaring the Father's Word to us
       His words are forever true and unchanging for all eternity
       Jesus' words can liberate and set you free from sin's bondage
       Ultimately, Jesus was killed for speaking the truth:  Will you stand for the truth today?
       Will you stake a stance for Him and His Word?



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