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Amid the Holiday Season, three groups threatened the life of Jesus.

Killing Jesus

Pastor Wes Emerson | December 25th, 2016

Sermon Notes

Key Verse: "Now some of them from Jerusalem said, Is this not He whom they seek to kill? - John 7:25

I.  HIS RELATIVES--John 7:3-8
Jesus' brothers urged Him to go to Jerusalem, where they knew His killer's awaited.

  1.  They Didn't Believe in Him--v5, Mark 3:20-21, 31
  2.  They Could've Been Motivated By Envy--v4, Genesis 4:5, 8...Genesis 37:4, 18...Matthew 10:36

II.  HIS RACE--John 7:12
Many Jews were deceived and spoke negatively about Jesus--Heaping three false accusation against Him (7:12..7:20..7:27).
Consider two biblical truths...

  1.  His Coming To Earth Was A Gift of God--Galatians 4:4-5
  2.  He Was Rejected By His Own Race--John 1:11, John 19:15, Luke 13:34

During the Feast of Tabernacles, the Pharisees executed a plan to arrest and kill Jesus

  1.  They Sent Out Officers To Arrest Him--7:32, compare Luke 20:20
  2.  The Officers Were "Arrested" By Jesus--7:45-46...Luke 4:22, Luke 4:32, John 6:63

    The Feast of Tabernacles ended in frustration for Christ's killers (John 7:53)
    JESUS had more work to do...more people to reach...more prophecies to fulfill
    It was not yet His appointed "time" to die for sinners (John 7:6, 8)
    But one day He did:  The Son, born on Christmas Day, laid down His life for you!



Killing Jesus - Pastor Wes Emerson
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