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Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees revealed two stark contrasts regarding Him.

The Light Meets the Dark - Part Two

Pastor Wes Emerson | January 29th, 2017

Sermon Notes 

John 8:18-19, 25, 40-42


I. THE DEFAMATIONS OF THE DARK - (several defamations were hurled at 
Jesus in an attempt to destroy His ministry) 

   1. He Bore False Witness--John 8:13 (they accused Jesus of being a liar) 
   2. His Birth Was lIIegitimate--v19, 25, 41 
       The Pharisees tried to defame Jesus by questioning His Divine origin & 


A.    Questions of His Son-ship originated with Satan--Matt 4:3,6 1 John 4:1-3 
B.    The darkness rejected His claim to be God's Son--John 8:19, John 5:18, 
Matthew 26:62-65, Matthew 27:43 
C. The darkness rejected His Virgin Birth--John 8:25 "who are you?" 
The rulers stumbled because of His human family--Mark 6:13 
The darkness thought Joseph was His father--John 6:42, John 9:24 
The darkness denied His Virgin Birth--John 8:41-42, Matthew 1: 18, 20-21 
The dark religious leaders got nasty--denying His Son-ship and His birth 
of a virgin. 
The darkness tried, in vain, to portray Jesus as a sinful, false prophet. 
But the darkness was lying and people were enlightened to the truth-- 
John 8:30 "as He spoke these words, many believed in Him" 


Today, many seek to defame Jesus ... but God's Word is true, and JESUS 
is the Truth. 
Do you believe in Him today? Will you place your faith in JESUS, the son 
of God? 



The Light Meets the Dark - Part Two - Pastor Wes Emerson
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